[Download] The Real Estate Agent Academy Graham Stephan Course Review And Download

The Real Estate Agent Academy – Graham Stephan

[Download] The Real Estate Agent Academy Graham Stephan Course Review And Download

The real estate agent academy of author Graham Stephan is one of the best real estate course for the Real estate agent, you can learn how to operate a real estate agent with a step-by-step tutorial from Stephan and with this course you will easily find some useful trick & tips to land big deal but also require your effort. This course included


Part 1 Why Real Estate and who can become a Real Estate Agent

Part 2 Getting you Real Estate License

Part 3 How to join a real estate brokerage

Part 4 How to start your career

Part 5 Getting leads and business

Part 6 Working with sellers

Part 7 Working with Buyers

Part 8 Working with lease clients

Part 9 Tax Planning and final thoughts

Our Proof for download the course The real estate agent academy Graham Stephan

Download the course The Real Estate Agent Academy Graham Stephan


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The advantages of Real Estate business

Investing in real estate has its pros and cons. There is an upside of owning a real estate property when your investment is done with forethought and care. If done properly, the property can turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

As stated in the previous chapter, if you are looking to invest in real estate to have a continuous, positive income, then investing in rental properties are the type of investment you will want in your portfolio.

The main reason for owning a rental property is income created by the rent paid by a tenant each month. As an example, if you purchase a rental property and charge the tenant $1,750 a month, the annual rent is $21,000. If the property has been financed through a lender and you have a mortgage with a monthly payment of $950 a month that includes the mortgage payment, insurance, property taxes, and interest, then, annually, the payment is $11,400. Subtracting this from the $21,000 annual rent payment, the annual income from the property will be $9,600/year or $800 per month. Now, if you paid cash for the property, the entire $21,000 per year would be yours, minus property taxes and other expenses, such as maintenance and repairs. As long as the property is maintained and repairs, if any, are needed, to uphold its value, and the area where the property is located has not had a downturn, then the property is still a valuable investment.

The profit made from this money is to have a portion set aside to maintain the property’s value, annual taxes, possible Home Owner’s Association fees if any, and for possible unexpected repairs, i.e., water heater, dishwasher or a refrigerator may need to be replaced.

An additional benefit in owning a rental property is any renovations and repairs that the property may need. It does take an outlay of money to improve the property, whether it’s a roof repair, an upgraded bathroom or kitchen, or minor cosmetic changes that are done. The result of these repairs increases the value of the property. Changing out old carpeting for tile or hardwood floors, upgrading the bathroom or kitchen, or just changing out old appliances for new ones all help to increase the property’s value. This is an added value. Added value enables you to charge higher rent. It also gives you the ability to gain a better profit if you decide to sell the property for a higher price than you first invested when you purchased the property.

Any repairs and renovations that are considered improvements to the property are tax deductible. Additionally, property taxes, operating costs, mortgage interest, depreciation, and repairs are tax deductible as well. If you pay a property manager to handle the property and any upkeep of the property, i.e., weatherproofing, painting the exterior, or planting trees to shade the property that helps a tenant to save a bit on the electricity because it can be an expense when running air conditioning during summer months is also tax deductible.

Added value and higher rents when the property is upgraded, tax deductions that can be taken are not the only financial benefits that come with owning a rental property.

Prices in real estate do not change daily as it happens in banking where interest rates change or the stock market. Comparatively, real estate is a stable investment. But real estate markets vary from one city to the next and in some cases, one county to the next in the same state. This being said, property values can appreciate in some counties and cities and either remain stable or do not fluctuate as much in other areas.

One of the ways to find out how an area you may be interested in investing is to study the community. Learning about it and its businesses, jobs, city government, all that is part of a community is the best way to learn and decide whether or not this would be the type of community you would want to invest in a property.

Investing in real estate gives you the opportunity to build a portfolio and generate a cash flow that can essentially support you and become your major source of income. The freedom of it gives you to set our own schedule gives you greater control over how the properties are cared for, as well as gives you the time to research your next property acquisition.

You have the ability as an investor to buy at below market pricing. A property may need to be rehabbed and once done, the property will be worth the effort. The neighborhood that you choose also factors into a property’s value. If the area is a prime area for renters, which also will add to the property’s value.

You are able to build equity with investment properties. Rent that is collected pays down the mortgage if the property is financed and build equity. You gain leverage to purchase more properties with increased equity. The more properties you own, there is more cash flow. You can put aside money for a college education for a child, purchase a second home as a personal vacation property, save for retirement, or invest in more properties.

Your contribution to a community when you invest in real estate. A property that is run down and needs to be renovated stands out in an otherwise nice neighborhood with homes that are cared for and maintained. This type of property brings down the market value for all the homes in the area. Investing in this type of property and bringing it back to a new life are happy that the property is rehabilitated. Neighbors are happy because the property is no longer an eyesore, and their property value increases. More importantly, residents take pride in their community, and renovating a property and making it habitable for someone to live in is another way you add value to the community.

It’s already been pointed out how improving an investment property gives jobs to many interested real estate professionals such as contractors, roofers and plumbers and the like. Teaming up with reputable professionals such as these will build a working relationship and trust which is invaluable.

A real estate investment that is used as a rental will give others a home. Providing a home in a good neighborhood is a contribution for others to benefit from. Living up to the responsibilities of a landlord by providing a valuable and safe environment is another way you can give to the community.

There are many benefits in real estate investing being used as a rental property. A solid investment can create positive income, create a number of tax deductions, have the mortgage paid down on the property, provide renters a respectable place to live and contribute to the community.

With all benefits come detriments. Investing in real estate and using it as a rental property can make for some experiences that are not at all pleasant and cost more than you would want to spend or lose.

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