#2 How To Find Niche Keywords To Start Make Money Online With Niche Site

best keywords for niche site 2019

How To Find Niche Keywords To Start Make Money Online With Niche Site

*This unit is about finding a niche. If you already have a niche you’d like to target, have an existing site, or if you’re experienced with this part, then feel free to skip this unit.

Everything starts with niche selection: What will your site be about?

Too many people make the mistake of looking for the “perfect niche” and end up spending way too much time on this part.

As a result, they can never get their site up and running.

Whatever niche you may choose, you have to realize that you can make money in any topic.

So the first thing you have to decide is:

What are you interested in?

Now, let’s get started and choose our niche

There are many moving parts to niche selection: Are there plenty of good keywords within the niche? Is it profitable? What is the CPC like? How competitive is it?


Let’s just narrow down a list of your interests to start.

Ready? Let’s get started

I’m going to take you through a few sources you can use. These are my favorite sources to use when doing niche selection.

While you’re browsing the lists, just write down on a piece of paper or notepad app a few topics that spark your interest.

Try to keep it between 5 to 10.

BROAD OR TARGETED? It doesn’t matter at this point. For instance, you can be as broad as just saying “basketball” or you can be as targeted as saying “jumping higher for basketball players.”

You can be as broad as you like or narrow it down as much as you want. We’ll get to sorting out that part in the next step.

My favorite source: StumbleUpon

Open StumbleUpon

If you haven’t been using StumbleUpon for niche selection, you’re missing out. It’s arguably the best resource on the internet for finding niche ideas.

So let’s go ahead and make an account if you don’t already have one. It’s free, it’s fast, and there’s no verification or anything required.

Finding the list of niches

After you’ve made your account, click on your profile on the top right.

How To Find Niche Keywords To Start Make Money Online With Niche Site

Once you do, you’ll be brought to their list of interests, categorized beautifully

How To Find Niche Keywords To Start Make Money Online With Niche Site

There’s nothing quite like this list. There are a ton of topics to choose from.

Scroll through each category. As you do, note down any that might be of interest to you.

I browse through this list frequently even if I’m not planning to build out a site. It’s impossible to scroll down this list without coming up with any ideas for niche sites.

Other Sources

If you went through StumbleUpon’s list and didn’t find everything you needed, here are a few more great sources.

  1. ReddltLIst – Ever wonder what the hottest trending topics and sub-reddits are on Reddit? This website shows you in real-time. Although a lot of Reddit’s sub-reddlts are not niche-site topics, you’ll often come up with some great ideas browsing what’s trending.
  2. Udemy – Udemy has high quality courses on a variety of topics. If people are willing to purchase a course about it, chances are it’s a pretty popular topic. You’ll come up with a lot of great ideas browsing through their courses. Go through different categories and skim through what types of topics people are creating courses on. It’s a great way to spark ideas for your niche site.
  3. Barnes & Noble – Just a giant list of book categories. One of my favorite places to find niche ideas is at the book store. The section you find yourself going to most often is probably going to be a good idea to start your niche site about since you have an interest in it. Well, this is probably the most extensive list of categories you’ll find without having to actually visit a booksto re.

Do you have your list of niches?

In this unit, I gave you a few sources where you can go to get your niche ideas.

If you followed my instructions, you should have around 5 to 10 niches noted down that are worth analyzing.

Don’t get too picky here. If you’re not sure if a certain niche is interesting or not, just jot it down anyways.

This is exactly how I start my niche selection when Pm about to start a new project.

It doesn’t have to be a complicating process. Just going through a few different sources and jotting

down a few that catch your eye is all that’s required.

In the next unit, I’m going to teach you about going ultra-targeted with your niche. It’s not for everybody, but make sure you fully understand it before moving forward.

So when you’re ready, let’s move on.

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