#1 How To Make Money Online With Niche Site 2018 – 2019

How to make money with niche site 2019

How To Make Money Online With Niche Site 2018 – 2019

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to Niche Site Training From howtomakefastmoney1123.com, my flagship training course on SEO and niche site creation.

Before we dive into the training, I want to take a quick minute to introduce the course and what you’ll be learning.

This course contains my complete step-by-step strategy that I use to build niche sites into a business. I’ve been using and updating these core fundamentals into all of my successful niche sites, including my latest site that is now generating over 15k in income every single month.

I left nothing out. Every little thing that I do in terms of niche selection, keyword research, site setup and on-site SEO, and of course… link building and acquiring traffic, is in this in-depth course.

Even if you’re an experienced SEO, you’ll get a lot out of this course. A lot of what I do is self- taught through testing, and I have some unique tips to share with you.

This Is now newest in 2018 of the training niche site guide. I’ve made a lot of new updates and additions after the feedback I’ve received from my past students.

My goal with this guide Is to change the way you approach niche site creation and SEO. My growth strategies especially will open your eyes to how niche sites should be built IF you want to grow this thing into a full-time income.

My entire model and philosophy Is built around sustainability and long-term growth.

Everything I do Is focused around traffic that scales for the long-haul. It’s this dedication to long¬term growth that allowed me to quit my job, and hopefully will allow you to achieve a new financial freedom doing what you love: SEO and building and growing niche sites!

So when you’re ready, let’s get started.

I want to briefly discuss this model that I speak about, and HOW we’re going to achieve this.

The best part about this training course is that this is a proven step-by-step formula.

Yes, it does take work, like any business. But if you can follow the strategies in this course, you’ll be on your way to building a web property that can turn Into a full-time income for you.

How to make money online with niche site 2018

What is this course all about?

The first part of building a niche site is niche selection.

BUT… before we select a niche, we have to understand the WAY niche selection works for the TYPE of site we’re aiming to build.

The problem today Is: All the resources out there on how to properly select a niche is outdated.

Google has changed completely in the last couple of years, and the way to rank a site long-term has changed as well.

This course is about building an authority site to thousands per month. It’s not about building micro sites to $100/month.

So… our niche selection has to fit properly with that goal.

The OLD way of building niche sites

In the past, building niche sites was a fairly easy way to get to $100/month in a short amount of time. As long as you avoided big competition and went after long-tail keywords, it was easy to rank your sites quickly and get a good amount of traffic coming in.

Try using that same approach today, and I see people full of frustration.

Long-tail searches are not so easy anymore. The search results are full of authority sites no matter how small the search volumes are for the keyword.

And aside from competition, small keywords won’t get you to $10k per month. It won’t even get you to $3k per month. You can’t build a niche site around a few 500-1000 searches/month keywords and expect it to make you thousands of dollars.

Instead, we have to approach our niche sites accordingly with our goal: building a long-term, high traffic media property with sustainable rankings.

What do I mean by sustainable rankings?

I mean rankings that don’t get destroyed whenever a new Google update gets released.

Believe it or not, sites created the proper way from the beginning CAN withstand the test of time. In fact, it gets stronger as more time passes. It gets rewarded when Google updates get released instead of being demolished by them.

Let’s see what’s working now, and how we can build these web properties for ourselves.

We first have to realize just how much weight is being given to big brands and trusted authorities now.

We can build all the micro sites we want If we don’t build any authority to it it won’t rank. It’s just that simple. Search volume is irrelevant.

We have to move away from the mindset of:

“How can we throw up some micro sites and quickly make a couple hundred bucks?”

Is it Sim possible to build such a site! absolutely

Is It a long-term, sustainable model? No.

You have no security. You have to approach these kinds of sites knowing that they can be wiped out one day.

In 2013, I quit my day job and started working on my sites full-time. At the time, they were consistently making around $3000/month ($100/day).

But I never would have quit my job if I were building sites using “shortcuts.” Even if I was making $5000/month… if my sites weren’t built the way I’m about to teach you in this course, I couldn’t have quit.

Why? Because it would have been too risky. I know a site built in such a way wouldn’t be sustainable. I couldn’t sleep well at night knowing I could wake up the next morning and see my rankings and traffic have disappeared.


INSTEAD, we have to move towards the mindset of:

“How can we build out this site Into a REAL business that makes 6 figures a year, and will be a SUSTAINABLE, LONG-TERM business model?”

The good news is that the conditions are better now than ever to do exactly that.

The people complaining that Google is dead are all complaining about one thing: spam is dead. Short cuts are dead. Quick rankings are dead.

But those looking to build real backlinks doing SEO the correct way, aiming to build a REAL business out of their sites are noticing that the possibilities look brighter than ever.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Spam and quick rankings are dead: Remember the days when you could outrank aged authority sites by bombing thousands of links at your brand new site? Those days are gone. If you’re the one with the authority site, you won’t be frustrated by these thin competitors outranking you when they don’t deserve it.
  2. Authority sites are given so much weight: They’re given more weight than ever to combat spammers. It makes sense. As Google fights to make their search results higher quality, the results are weighted toward trusted sites that have built this authority.
  3. It’s easy to rank without links anymore: I don’t mean you can build a brand new site and just start ranking immediately without building any links. BUT… if you have an authority site with a good domain authority and a lot of links pointed at it, you can pump out content that immediately shoots to the top page without any link building.

Because of your site’s established authority, your “inner pages” (explained later) are given more weight than pages from other sites.

I see this happening on a daily basis.

For my own sites, I’ve built so many strong backlinks to them, that I can create a new page and outrank sites that are only dedicated to that one topic.

For example, let’s say I have a strong career site where I write about all the different types of careers. I decide to create an article about how to become a plumber.

I’ll publish that article today, and in a few weeks, it’ll be ranking on the first page. EVEN when I haven’t build any links to that page specifically.

Furthermore, I see that it’s outranking sites that are specifically dedicated to that topic alone like “www.plumbertraining.com” or “becomeaplumber.com” etc.

It’s a beautiful thing once you can build a site to this level. It’s why huge blogs hire writers to pump out dozens of articles per day.

Once you get to this level, it becomes extremely profitable to scale.

What it takes to build a site to $10k/month

This course Is designed around building ONE site, NOT multiple sites.

Growing a single site to $10k/month is so much easier and faster than building a batch of sites that add up to $10k/month.

Yes, you can continue to use this model for additional sites in the future, but you should go at this one at a time. Like I mentioned above, once you build authority to your site, it’s Hike a snowball effect. The more content you add on, the more rankings and traffic you add on.

And you don’t want to slow down that snowball by stopping operations and turning your attention onto a new site.

This is a break down of the model we’re working towards

The way we are  going to approach our authority site is:

  1. It’s sustanable and longterm
  2. It’s passive once you build authority to the site. SEO works 24/7. You’ll get traffic even when you’re not present. I frequently take 3-4 weeks off and income stays the same or even increases.
  3. You build a REAL business. $10k/month Is a real business. We’re going to be driving a lot of traffic to our niche site and you have a lot of opportunities to grow.
  4. You have an amazing valuable asset. A site making $10k/month can be sold for around $250,000-$500,000. Most website valuations are 20-30X multiples of monthly income. But when your income crosses 5k, especially with the type of links and the amount of authority we’re going to be building to our site, valuations can be stretched □ lot higher.

Buyers want sustainable passive businesses. It’s the holy grail for niche site marketers. And the strategies you’re going to learn In this course Is specifically suited to this strategy.

This model Is exactly what we’re going to learn in this course.

And everything starts with niche selection.

Let’s move on to the first lesson, and I’ll show you all about HOW to choose a niche, and HOW it should be built into your overall site planning.

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